Crystal Logic

Custom X-Ray Diffraction Technologies




High-precision, high-quality instruments that are customized exactly to the user's needs


Crystal Logic has installed goniostats at beamlines and home-labs around the world. Each of these installations is customized to the specific needs of the site. The following are a few common options:



Three different omega drives are available. The standard drive is a worm-driven spindle that can carry a large load with low runout and high angular accuracy. The maximum rotation rate for this spindle is approximately 25 degrees/sec. For high-speed centering and extremely low runout, an air-bearing direct-drive servo option is available. This spindle can rotate in excess of 360 degrees per second. A smaller direct-drive servo can be provided for applications where there is no significant load. This provides high-speed rotation at lower cost.




Any of the above omega spindles can be fitted with a motorized xyz. The motorized xyz is connected through an electrical slipring that provides free rotation of omega. These stages are provided in two sizes. The smaller device is the size of a standard goniometer head. The larger device can be used to carry our mini-kappa drive or in other applications where a larger load-carrying capacity is required.


The worm-drive or air-bearing omega spindles can be fitted with either a standard kappa/phi orienter or with a mini-kappa or mini-kappa/mini-phi mounted on top of a motorized xyz. The standard kappa/phi orienter can be fitted with an xyz head; sliprings provide free rotation around all axes. The minikappa devices minimize the restrictions and shadowing associated with the standard kappa/phi geometry.






A vertical two-theta/detector distance stage is available. This robust stage will handle a 200 kg detector while providing ready access to the sample area. An alternative to the two-theta/distance stage is a simple two-axis translation stage.







A series of beamline components are mounted on a ground steel alignment bar which allows easy mechanical alignment of the system. These components include beam alignment half-slits, ionization detectors, a high-speed shutter, motorized limiting aperture, and a motorized beamstop.




Various video microscopes can be mounted on the system to provide sample visualization. A two axis mounting stage provides simple adjustment of the optics.












The system can be provided with a PC-based touchscreen interface for manual operation. The large touchscreen display integrates control of all system components and the sample video. The click-to-center feature greatly facilitates sample centering. User control of the system is through either serial or Ethernet connections to the interface PC.